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Feb 8, 2013 2:00pm EST
introduce our commander in chief, president barack obama. [applause] >> thank you. please be seated. in the years between the world wars, a young married couple in italy packed up what few belongings that they had and boardedx a boat for a new world. they pass under the statute of liberty, and went through the lines of ellis island. carmelo and carmelita panetta had no money and spoke little english. but they had a dream of a better life. they worked hard. they went west to california. they started a family and taught their sons that if they studied and worked, if they gave back to this country that they too could shell in a creek share in america pause, street today we pay tribute to their son, leon panetta, a man who has not simply lived up to the american dream, but has helped to protect it, for all of us. leon, our presence here today, members of congress, deputy secretary carter, general betsy, and members of the joint chiefs, service secretaries, and the men and women of the greatest military that the world has ever known, all this is a reflection of our personal appreciation
Feb 4, 2013 10:00am EST
. [applause] -- and thank you to her team. also, i want to thank president obama for his trust in me to take on this awesome task and for his trust in every single one of you and what you do every single day. i think it is beyond fair to say that this president's vision and what he has implemented from your efforts over the course of the last years without any question, has restored america's reputation and place in the world and we thank you for what you have done to do that. [applause] i said the other day at the hearings, if any of you had a chance to see any of it -- i said the senate was in my blood and it is after 28 + is. but it is also true that foreign service is in my genes and everything we do here is. i have a sister who worked for most of her career in new york at the un and most recently at the un mission. my wife, who was born in mozambique, and you will see here on wednesday, speaks five languages. at some location, she did translating but worked mostly with the un trusteeship council and as powerful beliefs in the mission of this great department and usaid. and my fathe
Feb 11, 2013 8:00pm EST
here to join others in urging that president obama, congressional leaders come together for the sake of america's people and end this sequestration. together, we before you are united in our efforts to ensure that america maintains its place in innovation and research. thank you all for being here. >> good morning, everyone. i am hunter rawlings, representing the aau. as peter said, he and i are representing the task force on american innovation, and you have a letter in your packet from the task force that i hope you will take a good look at. the sequester is the most unpopular thing in washington, d.c., since the dallas cowboys. it is mindless and will cause great harm . the president hates it. speaker boehner hates it. majority leader harry reid hates it. 13 majority leader harry reid hates it. they created it. imagine how the rest of us feel about it. somehow our leaders cannot seem to figure a way out of it. we all agree the country needs to find a more sustainable fiscal path. in my view, we need a balanced approach, as wes said, that includes both spending and revenues. cuts i
Feb 12, 2013 1:00am EST
president obama policy whether related to any u.s. business activity is well examined for its impact on u.s. economic growth, market vibrancy and u.s. job creation. thank you for your time this morning. it is my pleasure introduce dr. martin regalia. thank you. >> thank you for coming out an such a rainy day to listen to economists. i'm pleased to have three very distinguished economists this morning to help me kind of sort through some of the economies. i will do a little bit of a five to 10 minute presentation and then each one of them will speak then we'll sit down and have a economies. i will do a little bit of a five to 10 minute presentation and then each one of them will speak then we'll sit down and have a conversation. we have john felmy who will talk to us about energy. he won't do forecasting of energy prices but he'll talk about the energy situation and what we'll see in more exploration of energy supplies. it is something that his chamber has made a focal point of the growth strategy. it will be interesting to hear from john. we're also going to hear from frank no
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)